York West Minor Hockey Association
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Welcome Team Managers!

What can we say, other than... you are amazing! Thank you for volunteering to be a Team Manager with YWMHA!  Below are several documents that will help you as a Team Manager. Whether you are new to the Team Manager role or back for another season, we recommend you take a read through the Guide for Team Managers document below - we hope it will help!


Guide for Team Managers
The Guide for Team Managers provides information to aid Team Managers in the smooth operation of the team.
Team Manager Checklist
The Team Manager Checklist is to be used by the Team Manager to ensure all tasks are completed at the begining of the season, monthly and on a weekly basis. 
Guide for Team Managers
The  Team Contact Ice Availability Template is to be used by the Team Manager to enter the contact information for their team as well as information about their team availability. This information can be then shared with other team managers or district scheduler. 
Team Jersey Tracking Sheet
The Jersey Deposit Tracking Sheet is to be used by the Team Manager to log information regarding Jersey deposits and distribution of the Jerseys. 
The Team Funds Tracking Sheet is to be used by the Team Manager to track all team funds, including but not limited to team fundraising. 
The Proof of Out of Town User Fees Tracking Sheet is to be used by the Team Manager to track proof that the Out of Town User Fees have been paid by anyone living outside of the Town of Nackawic.
The Guide for submitting a Request for Travel Permit provides instructions to Team Managers on how to correctly submit a Travel Permit request to HNB.



For NEW Team Managers ONLY - Every new Team Manager MUST complete the Hockey NB Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders course. This is a free course that is available to complete online by clicking the above link. 


Social Media Policy

The Social Media Policy provides information on the risks of social media, inappropriate conduct and the resulting disciplinary action.

The YWMHA Constitution oulines the by-laws, rules, duties and regulations followed by the assocation. Please review the YWMHA Constituion prior to the beginning of each season.

Safe Sport provides a framework to ensure that everyone in the sport of hockey is able to enjoy the sport. Please review the Hockey New Brunswick Safe Sport Policy Manual prior to the beginning of each season.